All students within NORDIG start their studies in Tampere, Finland. After the first semester of studies at the Tampere University, students travel as a group to Norway for second semester studies at the University of Agder. Third semester studies are completed at KTH, Sweden. The fourth semester (Master’s thesis) will be taken either at the Tampere University or University of Agder depending on the topic of student’s Master’s thesis.

Through the mobility, the programme brings together teachers, students and regional partners of these three partners, and thus forms a unique learning environment. In other words, students will gain insights from NORDIG’s partner network, composed of public and private organizations located in Finland, Norway and Sweden – in addition to experiencing life and studies in three Nordic universities. 
Mobility forms an essential element of the programme, as the latter builds on the Nordic tradition and exposes students to different local and national contexts, cultures and situations. The mobility is supported by scholarships.

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