Degrees and career opportunities


Nordic Master Programme in Innovative Governance and Public Management, will lead to following qualification(s):
Master of Administrative Sciences (Tampere University)
Master in Innovative Governance and Public Management (University of Agder)

These Master’s degrees provide the required background if you wish to pursue doctoral studies in Administrative and Social Sciences, for example in the Faculty of Management and Business’s Doctoral Programme at the Tampere University.

Career prospectives

The programme equips graduates with excellent learning and networking skills. Students of the programme develop their managerial skills in order to manage teams and projects – as well as their own learning and knowledge – and to coordinate and develop service systems and value chains both within and across organizational settings. Their adaptive leadership skills will be developed in conjunction with basic training in inter-cultural communication, learning and negotiation skills. The attitudes supported in the programme build on Nordic public values such as transparency, efficiency, equality and fairness, and focus on innovation, openness, problem-solving, partnership networks and global responsibility.

Graduates will have adequate knowledge of the philosophy of the social sciences and theories of public and innovation policy, public administration, organizational studies and management in order to qualify them to enroll in PhD programmes in public administration and to be able to obtain and utilize the latest academic knowledge from the respective fields.