Scholarships and fees

EU and EEA Students are eligible for Scholarship of approximately 4900 euros covering expenses of their mobility. The studies are tuition-fee-free for EU and EEA students.

Students outside of EU and EEA are eligible for applying scholarships offered by university of Tampere to cover expenses of tuition fees, in addition to mobility grants.

Students from EU and EEA countries
The programme is tuition fee free. Students who are selected to the programme and start their studies are entitled to a scholarship provided by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The scholarship minimum amount is 2175 €. In addition, students are eligible applying for mobility grants From European Commission (Erasmus+) and Nordic Council of Ministries (Nordlys).

Example of funding scheme of the mobility and studies
First semester at University of Tampere:
A total of 2175 €

Second semester at University of Agder:
(Nordplus) 5 months * 200 €/months + 330 € travel expenses = 1330 €

Third semester at Royal Institute of Technology: (Erasmus+) 5 months * 280 € /month = 1400 €

Fourth semester at either University of Tampere or University of Agder:
No extra scholarships

Total grants for the whole programme 4905 €

Students outside of EU and EEA countries
The programme tuition fee is 8000 € / academic year. Students are eligible for the same benefits than students from EU and EEA countries (see example above). In addition students are eligible for applying scholarship (tuition fee waiver) as regulated by university of Tampere.

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