External Partners

Programme has an international network of stakeholders who are in collaboration with the academic partners developing the content and studies of the programme. In addition the stakeholders are actively participating the learning process of the programme.
Current stakeholders include

Ministry of Finance, Personnel and Governance Policy Department, Governance Policy and Public Services Unit. Contact person: Ms Katju Holkeri, Senior Financial Adviser
City of Tampere, Contact person: Dr. Kari Hakari, Development director
City of Helsinki, Stara, City of Helsinki’s owned construction service. Contact Person: Dr. Ilpo Laitinen, Head of Administration
Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Contact Person: Dr. Kaija Majoinen, director of research and development

Vest-Agder fylkeskommune (West Agder County)
Aust-Agder fylkeskommune (East Agder County)
Kristiansand kommune (Kristiansand Municipality)
Agderforskning AS (regional, research center)
Cameron (oil industry/engineering)

City of Stockholm
Stockholm County Council
Stockholm County Administrative Board